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Just how digital are the European insurers?

We asked ourselves the following question: Just how prevalent is the use of PDFs and paper forms among European insurers?

Here is what we found after analyzing 149 European insurance companies. 


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Insurance markets in some countries exhibit more digital maturity than others. See which countries are lagging behind, and where the opportunity lies.



European insurers are leaving over 12 Billion Euro a year on the table due to the lack of progress on digitization. 



We investigated new revenue opportunities made possible through digital innovation.

What you'll find in this report?

  • The ROI of digitizing paper and PDF forms in insurance
  • The operational costs associated with paper forms and PDFs
  • How many paper and PDF forms do European insurers maintain?
  • What is the Digital Maturity Quotient and why it matters
  • An often overlooked method to digitize paper and PDF forms across the enterprise
  • How no-code platforms are changing the pace of digital transformation in insurance


What will you find in this report?

EasySend developed a tool that identifies PDFs and manual forms in use across the web.

Next, we identified 149 major insurance companies across 10 European countries, focusing on Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

Using our proprietary tool, we scanned their websites to assess their digital maturity, identify savings and revenue potential and assess the ROI of going digital.

Are you ahead of the curve, or is your company lagging behind? Download this report to find out.

Download the full report to learn how your company compares and how you can get ahead of the competition with a no-code platform.

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